A large modern outdoor sculpture has the power to transform an otherwise ordinary spot into a must-see destination. Cities around the world have witnessed this magic firsthand — these sculptures can enhance an area and forever reshape its entire character. Let's explore some of the most iconic public art sculptures that have transformed their surroundings and become landmarks in their cities.
  1. Force of Nature in London, United Kingdom

The "Force of Nature" sculpture found in several cities worldwide is the work of Italian creator Lorenzo Quinn. He drew inspiration from the havoc hurricanes can wreak. The artwork catches your eye immediately, but it also serves as a reminder of the fragility of our environment and the power of nature.
  1. First Generation in Singapore

People walking by the Singapore River will find it hard to miss a sculpture called First Generation. This large modern outdoor sculpture was created by the artist Chong Fah Cheong for the Singapore Tourism Board. It shows a group of boys leaping into the water, which captures the essence of youth and the carefree moments of childhood. These protagonists symbolize the first immigrants to the city state.
  1. Les Voyageurs in Marseille-Fos Port, France

In Marseille’s port in France, there’s an interesting group of statues called Les Voyageurs, made by the artist Bruno Catalano. These sculptures stand out because they show people traveling, but parts of them are missing. This suggests the bits of themselves that travelers leave behind as they explore new places.
  1. ‘Double Tied’ Luxury Residencial project in Kew Melbourne Australia

(** ‘Double Tied’ by Mainartery Studio) Every large modern outdoor sculpture has a story to tell and evokes different emotions from those who see it. At Sculpt Place Make, we specialize in creating contextual sculptures that will transform any outdoor space into a unique and thought-provoking environment. Contact us at +61 4 5151 8865 to schedule a consultation.