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What Is a Custom Sculpture Maker?

Our USP lies in our collaborative approach, melding your ideas with our craftsmanship and innovative techniques to create sculptures that are not only visually stunning but also meaningful and reflective of your values.

Our Sculpture Making Process

Our From the first consultation to the unveiling, our process as custom sculpture makers is meticulous and tailored. We begin with understanding your vision, followed by detailed designs and models. As experienced statue makers from photos, we ensure precision in every detail, crafting your piece to perfection before installing it seamlessly at its new home.

Material Options and Sizing

Our At Sculpt Place Make, the possibilities are vast. Choose from cast or forged materials like bronze, copper, stainless steel & aluminium, or carved in a variety of stones. Finishes ranging from ultra refined mirror polishing, Vapor deposition, painted to rustic patina processes. Whether it's a small indoor piece or a monumental outdoor installation, our sculpture makers are equipped to customize the scale to your specifications.

Engagement Steps for Clients

Our To start, simply reach out with your idea or photo. Our team will guide you through the design approval, material selection, and fabrication processes. We ensure a smooth journey from concept to installation, making your experience as our client both satisfying and exciting.

Our Expert Artists

Our Our artists specialize in various styles and mediums, ensuring diversity in creativity and execution. This expertise allows us to match your project with the perfect artist, ensuring each sculpture is a testament to both your vision and their skill.

FAQ’s: Production, Delivery, Installation and More

A: Sculpt Place Make excels as a custom sculpture maker, managing projects from conception through installation, enhancing spaces with artistic precision.

A: As experienced sculpture makers, we ensure stakeholder alignment with excellent communication and a robust 10-step process.

A: Yes, we are flexible sculpture makers who handle all phases of sculpture creation and installation.

A: Todd Stuart, our lead custom sculpture maker and designer, meticulously crafts statues from photos, ensuring every detail aligns with client visions.

A: Yes, we oversee international projects, ensuring global standards are met.

A:We adhere to strict Australian, British, and European manufacturing standards for all sculptures.

A: Our disciplined approach and expert partnerships ensure sculptures are delivered on schedule and in perfect condition.

A:We provide detailed, fixed quotes, managing all financial aspects carefully.

A:We manage or advise on sculpture installations, ensuring optimal placement and secure fixing.

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